Post-Doc Position

Based on funding availibility the ADC Lab typically hires 1 or 2 post-doc researchers each year. Given the focus and technical requirements of our research qualified post-doc candidates are expected to have a demonstrated track record of excellence in mathmatics (calc, stats/prob, lin alg), programming, and at least one relevant analytical field. Relevant analytical fields interest include: controls, optimization, dynamics, simulation. Strengths in applied probability/statistics and stochastics is a requirement.

Post-doc are expected to operate as independent researchers, working towards developing the skill-sets to server as a faculty member or top-tier researcher. As a post-doc you will be tasked with a problem and expected to generate your own solution process/methodology. Beyond just research, Post-docs are expected to publish mutliple publications per year, mentor both undergrad and graduate students, while executing administrative aspects of a project (i.e. project management, scheduling, reporting). In collaboration with Prof. Vela, and potentially other faculty, post-docs will write at least one research proposal. As desired, teaching oppertunties may be made availible.

Typically, post-docs are expected to server approximately two years to realize the full benefits of the position.

[10/11/22] There is currently a post-docs position related to human-machine teaming. Position requires existing knowledge of Markov models (e.g. HMM, POMDP, etc). Start-date: Immediately.

[10/11/22] There is the potential for a post-doc position starting 8/23 in the area of air transportation systems – specific topics include modeling, simulating, and optimizing ATM systems for advanced air mobility, and applying machine learning techniques to detect anomalies.

Adan Vela
Adan Vela
Assistant Professor