UCF’s Analytics Decision and Control Laboratory (ADC Lab) is dedicated to solving an array of complex problems of national importance. In addressing reserach topics we work to understand and charactorize stochastic systems (especially human-in-the-loop decision systems) with the goal of providing optimal solutions and policies. Researchers regularly work with industry, government, and university partners to create robust solutions geared towards real-world applications. To date, the ADC Lab has received generous support from NSF, ONR, AFRL, Simio, and UCF, along with funding through our partnership with DHS through the National Counterterrorism Innovation, Technology, and Education (NCITE) Center of Excellence.

The ADC Lab is a part of the UCF ecosystem of excellence, for which we are an integral part, and more so, we leverge through our research partnerships. UCF is ranked #5 in Transportation Science, #36 in Industrial Engineering, #36 in Artificial Intelligence, and #3 in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

What we study
  • Air Transportation
  • Education Analytics
  • Homeland Security
  • Human-Machine Teaming
What we use
  • Optimization, Modeling & Simulation
  • Stochastics & Statistics
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Big-Data


The ADC Lab is regularly seeking undergraduate, graduate and post-doc researchers to work on a variety of projects. Given the focus and technical requirements of our research, qualified graduate and post-doc candidates are expected to have a demonstrated track record of excellence in mathmatics (calc, stats/prob, lin alg), programming, and analytical fields (at least one of the following: controls, optimization, dynamics, simulation). Information for those interested in undergraduate, graduate and post-doc positions, including specific calls, can be found below.


Funded Projects & Grants

Understanding the Transition from Political Discourse to Election-Motivated Violent Extremism
Human-AI Collaboration in Autonomous Aerial Vehicles
Expanding the Pipeline: Vertical Research at Scale II
Agility Prime: ORB Common Reference
Supervise It! Optimizing Intelligent Robot Integration Through Feedback to Workers and Supervisors
See Award
Expanding the Pipeline: Vertical Research at Scale
Forecasting and Estimating the Impact of Severe Weather on Power Distribution Systems
Google Cloud Credits
Simio Simulation Software Grant